Surviving Stupid

Trauma. If I have learned anything about my scrambled egg brain is that a lot of my mental wrestling matches involve some form of trauma. A close family member recently told me that I was a professional victim that was bringing my entire family down with me. They informed me that I will continue to […]

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Breaking Bottles (90 days dry)

My first sip of alcohol was in Junior High at my friend Joe’s house. Hell, my first open-mouth kiss happened there too. NOT with Joe!!! 😉 Two words … helicopter tongue. We drank Kahlua from the bottle, refilled it with some water, and then pretended to be adults. I was 13. My first beer was […]

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I’ve shARTed all over the place to deal with the crowd. I’d like to talk about them and be super hipster about it. Oh … and relevant. And..and insightful….. Honestly though, it’s just shitty shART.

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Shit Sponge #3

“Just smile. It is scientifically proven that smiling makes you happier. Maybe that will help your sales!” – Employer If smiling helped I wouldn’t be where I am right now, fuckface. If all of this shit was about feeling ‘happy’ I could easily find a way to cope.   I am told too often how […]

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Social media is fucked. The days of speaking with someone face-to-face are done; only knee-jerk reactions and re-posts with ill-informed commentary. I too have fallen for the narcissistic lies that we tell ourselves. We want to be heard, counted and included. And on the other hand, we find a way to require like-minded ‘followers’ and […]

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Shit Sponge #2

“Josh! Turn off that ‘spear chucking’ music!“ – Father I heard this EVERY TIME I put a rap song on when I was younger. Evangelical leadership at its finest. Father of the year? Nope.  Just fucking racist.  

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60 Days Dry

I never thought I could go a single day without a beer. ………… Who fucking cares? Why is not ingesting a beverage such a big deal? Sure, it makes sense to take care of myself but why tell people? Why make a big deal? Why care? Sobering up has clarified a lot around me. Without […]

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Shit Sponge #1

“Josh, your marriage to your wife is ‘null and void’ since you denounced god because it was a bond/commitment between all three.” -Brother Thanks bro. We will miss him during sex too. He loved it in the ass.

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I Wear Black When You Are Blue

He can’t breathe What if that was me Would you stop to see If I was comfortably Inconvenienced …… I see color in the streets Fire in those I meet Bloodied and freshly beat All you have is a tweet And impotence …… I wear black when you are blue I stand for those who […]

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We are all truly alone. Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are only our own. Muddied between the darkness and the clarity of what brings us sadness and what we find sacred. I find no hope in other people’s reality for me. No peace. Only Solitude. Unwanted Darkness. Again. And again. I wish I cared less.

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