Fuck Jesus, and his sheeple

Oh, sack up snowflake.

I was born into a belief that choice could not be a valid option. My questions were squandered to belittle my devotion to the belief that I was forced into. Just try leaving ‘the faith’ and you too will experience it firsthand. (ie “He never reeeaaaally had faith.”) Faith is a scary word since it invokes trust, coupled with loyalty. Christians overly misuse the word ‘Faith’ as a positive status symbol, that they believe is synonymous with a person’s upstanding character.

If belief is the measurement of all things good and right, then if and when someone changes their mind, Christians will ostracize people for having an original thought. Apparently, Jesus hung on the biggest gavel for their exclusivity. (Remnant, Upright, Chosen people shit)

So Christians, why do someone else’s beliefs matter to you, if those beliefs do not affect you? Also, why feel attacked when you are the one requiring your beliefs to be acknowledged and included in ALL things? What makes your faith so much more right than someone else’s? Or more important?

Maybe I am angry? Actually, yes I am. If you were abused from the day you were born until you were old enough to stop the abuse, would you be angry? (I am still being abused/bullied spiritually) Would you resent your abusers or keep playing along with what they require from you to feel right? … And stop acting superior because you’ve read from a book! A book with so many versions, interpretations, and uses that could justify any crackpot belief packaged as God’s love.

In the short time that Christianity has been around, the mystic mystery of old words from dead people has nearly destroyed rational thought. It has never been about loving people. It is about “changing the hearts of sinners to ACCEPT Christ’s love.” Ultimately, Christian belief exists to control people; By saving the ‘lost’ from the very thing they created to save them from.

I am actually sick and fucking tired of Christians hiding behind Jesus’s skirt when they want to inject a belief into the world around them. So fuck Jesus. Fuck his followers. Fuck their demands to be center-fold of everyone’s life.

Take the money out of the church if you want to be like Jesus; the savior of fools.

“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

— Matthew 21:12–13

No tax breaks, no income, no monetization. Money is your true God and you require, worship, and idolize accordingly.

This isn’t the easiest thing to write about since I know it will offend friends and family that have relied on the generosity of others to allow them to follow, finance, and legitimize their beliefs. (Just imagine if I asked for and did the same! Legitimizing the ludicrous!)

I have always been a fucking loudmouth. Even when I was a pastor, I was somehow the black sheep of our sacred Christian family. I never quite met everyone’s expectations for my belief. Unfortunately, the label ‘Christian’ reads more of a hate group than one willing to include all people with their own beliefs. Fucking Nazi Jesus requires complete devotion. Complete ‘death to self’ shit. But it is all just theater and optics. Smoke and mirrors. The man behind the curtain claiming superiority, authority, and control.

If the word Christian really means Christ-like, y’all are fucking it up. You need to read more ‘red letters’ and wear less red hats that bleed with your true devotion. But until then, I won’t judge you by the claims of your goodness but by the content of the character and goodness you display. WWJD?

The best thing you can do is prove me wrong!


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