Shit Sponge #4 (Cobra Kai Edition)

“You have to get over it. You have to just let it [depression] go!”

William Zabka (aka Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid)

A couple of years ago I went to see a band I know play and the singer was friends with William Zabka.  You know, the ‘bad guy’ from the Karate Kid.  Apparently, the singer of the band told William about me and my shittiness.  

After the band played, William came over to talk with me.  Within the first minute William was shoving me in my chest (like the tough guy he is) telling me to “get over” and “let go” of my depression, my anxiety, my trauma …… me.  Here is some guy that knows nothing about me, yet knows what is best for me?!

The world around us can believe they have the responsibility to see the world’s shortcomings through their fogged lenses of certainty; I’ll just keep pointing out their incompetence.

Fuck you, man.  You can’t sweep this leg!

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