Politically Incapable

Every four years Americans get to bicker back and forth, pretending to have all the answers, while buying the snake oil the ‘side’ they choose belittles them into needing.  Consumerism is the real American dream.  We buy things we don’t need and if we can’t afford, we take.  We break things and simply throw them away.  Then rinse and we repeat.  And ‘super-size’ our entitlement to convenience with middle fingers in the air shouting, “FreeDUMB!” from the comfort of like-minded keyboard warriors’ toilet seats.

I’ve sold so much shit to people they didn’t need throughout the years.  It is quite easy to do.  You start with a ‘hook’.  Something that catches their attention.  Next, you ‘bait’ them by making it feel personal to them.  When you finally get someone to nibble on what you are selling, you make the ‘bait’ the most important thing you could talk about.  Decisions need to be made instantly for me to make money, so GAME ON!  It never mattered if the bait would benefit someone since my goal was simply a sale.  That is where ethics, morals, and character come in.  And possibly why I hate sales.

Whomever you choose to vote for does not define you.   We are smarter than that, right?  I hope so.  Educate yourself with less news and more research.  Television, radio, magazines, newspapers, social media, movies.  How do they all make money?  Advertising.  Sales.  We are being ‘hooked’ when we go about our lives.  We are being ‘baited’ by fearmongering for profit.  It’s fucked up.  (It is even more fucked up when the people wanting our vote are encouraging us to boycott American businesses that don’t (seemingly) agree with a candidate’s ideals.)

This affects my mental health on such a deep level.  It is so hard to find a better space for my always racing mind when the world is being painted in only black and white.  I have made HUGE leaps forward personally and drastic changes in my life; hard choices to think independently and question everything.  I believe I am empathetic and can put myself in others’ shoes.  I know I care about all people and I care about my country.  I care way too much about things (NO SHIT).  But something about politics put so many people at odds.  We are sold ideals that can only be viewed from one opinionated angle.  To question a person’s political position quickly becomes Anti-American.

Unfortunately, we all believe we know everything.  That our worldview is somehow the only correct version of truth or what we need.  What is worse, we then thumb our noses to the other ‘side’ of America with whom we live.  Sad!

Election years bring out the absolute worst in us as Americans.  We shouldn’t let anyone make us choose the Bloods or the Crips.  Red or Blue.  My gang or theirs.  Friends fade away and relatives stop relating. This shit is childish and it bums me the fuck out.  Ceasefire?

Be careful how often and whom you thumb your nose to; they might just see the swine you really are.  -josh

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