Social media is fucked. The days of speaking with someone face-to-face are done; only knee-jerk reactions and re-posts with ill-informed commentary. I too have fallen for the narcissistic lies that we tell ourselves. We want to be heard, counted and included. And on the other hand, we find a way to require like-minded ‘followers’ and can only ‘converse’ online with those who agree with us. We attack. We judge. We blame. All while promoting ourselves as having everything figured out or being happy. We need to be ‘right’.


Sad! Walls are being built and we are all going to pay for it. We MUST continue to talk about our differences of opinions, beliefs, race, religion, gender, sexual preferences, etc.. And when we disagree, we should have the character to say everything we would say online to someones face.


Character. Empathy. Morality. Care.


I am very open about my struggles with mental health. I have been diagnosed with Major Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. This is not an excuse for anything I do, but it shows that I am willing to be transparent about my life. Unfortunately, I feel burdensome to the world around me. And that is even scary for me.


Significance is important to our mental health. We are social beings and some of us need significance just to feel normal. We are all extremely significant and important. Our lives should be full of people that might not agree with us but love us and listen.


Yet, I feel extremely insignificant. I started a blog that no one reads. I too am just as narcissistic.

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